School Year

The KSM offers lessons year-round beginning August 27, 2018 – July 25, 2019 for a total of 44 lessons.  This includes the school year and the summer months (see calendar for closings due to holidays).


A non-refundable yearly registration/supply fee of $40.00 per student will be charged to cover administrative costs.  A Registration Form and registration fee must be turned into the front office before a new student begins lessons. Students who withdraw and return at a later date will be charged a registration fee.


Tuition for the KSM year is divided into 12 equal, pro-rated monthly installments.  Although the number of lessons varies from month to month, the monthly tuition remains the same.  Tuition may be paid by ACH Debit from a bank checking of savings account, or automatic payment by credit/debit card. You may receive an additional invoice itemizing any additional fees for music, materials, festivals, contests, etc.

Late Payment

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month.  A $35 late fee will be assessed for payments not received by the 7th of the month.


Full refunds, including the registration fee, will be given in case of insufficient enrollments that result in cancellation of a group class.

Parent Visitation

Parents are welcome to observe the private lessons.

Student Withdrawal

There is no long term contract.  Students may enroll at any time as long as there is availability.  To discontinue private lessons and suspend automatic charges, please contact the Director of the Kawai School of Music by filling out a Withdrawal Form 30 days before the next scheduled lesson.

Notice given to the instructor only is not sufficient.  If one full month withdrawal notice is not provided, the tuition for the entire month is still due and payable.  All classes require a semester commitment.  Tuition must be paid in full even if withdrawing early.  If a student must withdraw early from a class, all remaining tuition due will be collected at that time.

Makeup Lessons

Lessons missed by students are non-refundable; however, makeup lessons will be offered in a group or master class format scheduled throughout the year. Our instructors do not always have the time or flexibility to offer private makeup lessons. Please sign up at the Front Desk.  There will be no makeup lessons for group classes.  However, the student may attend a similar class, if available.  This may be arranged at the Front Desk and is not guaranteed.

Teacher Absence

In the event a teacher is absent, The KSM will provide a highly qualified substitute who will ensure continuity of the lesson.

Lesson Protocol

All children under the age of 12 must be escorted into the KSM by a responsible adult and remain with the responsible adult until the child is with the instructor for their lesson.  All children who are not yet of age to drive themselves, a responsible adult may drop-off and pick-up the student in a timely manner. The KSM is not responsible for the student before or after their assigned lesson time.

Food and Drinks

No food, drink (except for bottled water) is allowed inside the KSM.

Late Pickup

KSM is not able to provide childcare/supervision after the student’s designated lesson times.

Inclement Weather

If it is necessary to close the school, there will be a makeup lesson scheduled.

Photo Release

Any photos, audio or video of students or families at the KSM facilities or events may be used in promotional publications, social media pages or press releases.  There will be no compensation for the release.  However, parents may choose to exempt their children from media publications by notifying the Director of KMS in writing prior to or at the time of registration.

KSM Faculty

Our teachers are highly qualified (Master of Music and Doctorate in Performance/Pedagogy) teachers who were carefully chosen for their passion for teaching and performing.   Each one has passed a thorough background check.


When you register for lessons, you will be asked to sign a document stating that you have read and that you agree to abide by the policies of The Kawai School of Music as outline as above.  This document will remain in effect if the student is enrolled at the KSM.

For further information about the Kawai School of Music staff, programs, and availability of lesson times, please call 972-955-3339 or email us at